Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor III for UFC 264

When we thought that Conor McGregor would not appear anymore, well not likely. It is true that most fans are hard letting McGregor go. It has been twice we heard the respective fighter deciding to retire. But fighting is the passion. One cannot stop a formidable fighters like McGregor.

Back then, most fans had been speculating for the third fight of Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor. Now, we have the green light answer.

Back then, most fans had been speculating if there was any possibility to conduct the third fight of Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor. Now, we have the green light answer.

The UFC officials are moving toward booking Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor III.

Although we haven’t seen real confirmation from the officials of the UFC,  the trilogy is close to getting the green light.

The trustworthy sources including the UFC insiders cued that there was still discussion about placing the trilogy fight to any specific UFC Fight Card.

And now, it looks like it aims at UFC 264 for the fight. There is no signage or contract about the fight yet. But if it really finalizes, then the UFC 264 will take place on July 10. According to the experts, there’s a huge optimism to welcome the third part of the rivalry.

In the first fight, specifically at UFC 178, McGregor defeated Poirier through the first-round TKO.

And then, Poirier took sweet vengeance after winning over McGregor through second-round TKO.

The third rematch is going to be an amazing spectacle to watch because it will conclude everything.

The trilogy will be attracting many MMA fans around the world. The Five-rounds main event in the upcoming UFC 260 will be at 155 pounds. It is the same as the previous fight.

The fight will be intense and bloody because every fighter has a lot of stakes. McGregor would be securing his first win since January 2020. Meanwhile, Poirier will want to have his winning streak by three.

While we have known about the Fight Card and date, we still don’t know about the location. But according to trustworthy sources, the officials will open the venue for fans to attend.

UFC president Dana White confirmed that the UFC 264 was planned to be at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas if they could make it. Although he didn’t utter that the fight would involve Poirier vs McGregor, many fans have been speculating about this.

Dana White also answered the question “I hope so. We all hope so.”

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The Blockbuster Moment in the UFC 260

The UFC 260 card has delivered the promised blockbuster moments. Obviously, the UFC fans have been satisfied with their PPV purchases and time spared for watching the big show.

The UFC fans have been satisfied with their PPV purchases and time spared for watching the big show in the UFC 260.

The UFC 260 ended with Francis Ngannou coming out as the new champion in the heavyweight division.

Jamie Mullarkey is the first name to show up. Actually, the interesting moment started with the Aussie fighter’s’s first win after taking down his opponent for only 40 seconds.

The opening really sparked the audiences after Mullakery used his stunning left punch to make his opponent give up.

After the opening, there were two incredible moments as well.

Seaon O’Malley, one of the most popular contenders in his class, got the victor with the huge knockout. He head-kicked Almeida heavily to make him down. Many experts were surprised that Almeida survived the first head kick.

He still stood to give the trades. The fact that Almeida was still in the fight after receiving the heavy head kick was surprising enough.

Meanwhile, the other fireworks happened when there was a fist trade between Vincente Luque and Tyron Woodley.

Luque made Woodley submit after choke-holding him. That was a jaw-dropping moment for most sports fans across the globe. That was a crazy finish indeed.

But the most exciting moment was when we saw the headliners of the Fight Card. If you watched UFC 260, you can see why now Ngannou is the great fighter of the heavyweight division.

As we know, Stipe Miocic has been reigning in the heavyweight division for some time now. Someone should end his reign to be a new champion. Amongst the contender, Francis Ngannou nailed it.

Stipe Miocic is indeed the most terrifying heavyweight champ on earth. But he is until Francis Ngannou manages to take the helmet. The new champion pulled off such a brutal KO to the previous champion.

It goes without saying that Francis Ngannou is the new baddest man on earth.

Stipe Miocic won the heavyweight world title belt three years ago. In the first title match in 2018, Ngannou should give up when fighting Miocic. The victory that happened 3 days ago was a great vengeance.

Ngannou has finally gotten what he really wanted back then. He has proved himself to be the most terrifying fighter on earth.

The trading punches were really intense back then. Francis Ngannou managed to end Stipe Miocic Reign after head-banging the fighter against the floor twice. After the victory, Daniel Cormier the UFC legend described Ngannou as the scariest man on the planet.

After UFC 260, there won’t be a thing that can stop Ngannou from reigning.

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What Do You Think of UFC Action Figures?

You remember that the action figures were in the “dolls” category when you are browsing around the toys in your favorite department store. But action figures are more than just dolls. There’s an “action” part in this kind of toy. That means you can move your doll’s arms and legs. And when it comes to the action figures to portray your favorite characters, there will be hit or miss. If you have been spending long enough time browsing around UFC action figures, you’ll agree that there are a lot more misses than hits.

The UFC had worked together with Jazwarez to produce the UFC exclusive toys. And you’ve guessed it right. It is all about the action figures.

The UFC had worked together with Jazwarez to produce the UFC exclusive toys. And you’ve guessed it right. It is all about the action figures.

Jazwarez always comes up with the new series of UFC action figures. And they are not dolls. There are action figures that you can officially get including Donald Cerrone, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Conor McGregor, Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier, Max Holloway, and so on.

As expected from the official providers, these action figures come with clean and nicely designed packaging that will attract the audiences and UFC fans in common.

As you get the package, you don’t have to replace the box with another display box since it is already great. You can start displaying your collections in the box.

And then, you can see the figures are very great. We know that it is going to be a huge game-changer in the world of sports merchandise. You don’t have to get stuck with the boring merchandise from time to time since you can turn into the action figure genre fans.

Jazwares has a great record in producing action figures for a lot of stuff from Fortnite, Marvel Avengers, AEW pro wrestling brands, and so on. So, it is not surprising that the brand moves to the UFC to produce great UFC figures for the avid fans of the sport.

Besides the nice package and action figures design, each UFC figure comes with the country flag, real cloth shorts, and two heads as well as two sets of hands.

The sets of hands are closed and open hands. the heads come with two modes: normal and rage.

All in all, these figure sets are worth checking out at the official UFC shop store. You don’t need to worry about the quality, the satisfying stars from the UFC collectors have proven it by themselves.

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Tai Tuivasa Came Out with A Great KO Winning Again

The Aussie knockout star Tai Tuivasa has amazed us again with the amazing KO in the latest fight that involves the fighter.

The fighter is popular due to the terrifying right hand bomb that mostly put his opponent to yield. And just as expected by his fans, he once again finished the latest fight with the incredible KO.

Tai Tuivasa Came Out with A Great KO Winning Again

The UFC strong fighter Tai Tuivasa has once again won a proud fight card in las Vegas. His name is not a new thing in the heavyweight division. He also has such an impressive record during this time. In the latest fight, he managed to come out with his second win in the last five months. The latest victory was the 11th KO of his entire career.

Back in Las Vegas, Tuivasa took on Harry Hansucker and ended the match in just 49 seconds. The TKO was in the first round following two right hand bombs.

It shocked the world, literally. The bout where Tuivasa got into was the first fight under the main card that features Brunson vs Holland Fight Night. With such achievement, it makes the officials and experts consider him as a worthy fighter to be in the important UFC Fight Card.

Coming from western Sydney,  he has a pretty great chance to be the contender in the division. Besides his right hand bombs, he is also a great gropper. At the latest fight, Tuivasa received a series of leg kicks. But then, those kicks created the windows of opportunity for him to sneak his right hand over the top of Hansucker’s guard. As a result, Hansucker couldn’t make it.

The first right hand bomb had blown Hansucker. But then, the second one which knocked him down brought Tuivasa to the victor.

Hansucker still defended and blocked some of the attacks from Tuivasa. But it was too late since Tuivasa was pretty much ready to finish the bout. With some kicks from the ground, Hansucker attempted to get away from the corner. But that didn’t affect the bout too much because Tuivasa was already at the top of the performance.

Tuivasa didn’t let the struggles from his opponent continue for a longer time. He was determined to finish the bout by landing some right hands. With such a situation, Herb Dean, the referee of the bout, decided to stop the fight because he thought Tuivasa’s opponent would no longer contest.

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Julija Stoliarenko Collapsed during the Weight-In

The UFC fighter Julija Stoliarenko was in a surprising collapse during the weigh-in. The UFC world has been shaken after a fighter collapsed during the weigh-in attempts. As a result, her bout is going off. The cancellation of her bout is sensible because the wellness of the fighter should be paramount.

Lithuanian fighter Julija Stoliarenko collapsed twice on the scales prior to her upcoming bout of the UFC Fight Night. The officials scheduled her to take on Julia Avila in Las Vegas. The women’s bantamweight contender didn’t only collapse once, but twice.

According to the UFC officials, there will be a match-up in the UFC Fight Night that requires her to cut down her weight to manage the bantamweight contender. Apparently, her collapses were due to extreme weight-cutting issues.

There was no sign of the collapse because she looked fine before the scales. Stoliarenko’s condition was questioned when she hit on. All of the bystanders agreed that she didn’t look fine when going on the scales. Before her collapse, the beautiful fighter placed her hands on her hips. Apparently, it was an attempt to balance herself and manage the dizziness. The fighter then started to lose her balance.

Stoliarenko took a step back off before the scaling but staggered back and collapsed. She couldn’t control herself and hit against the UFC promotional backdrop. The surrounding was shocked but then security and other officials rushed to the stage to help her.

They helped her to get the chair and sit her at the corner of the stage. The officials then questioned her condition. In such scenes, the officials decided to give her a chance to weigh in again. She successfully made the weight at 135.5 pounds.

But when she got off the scale, she collapsed again and fell back. A UFC security guard caught her and saved her. The doctor on site quickly acted and checked on her. Her coach handed her a bottle of water before she went into the safe room, which will continue her treatment at the hospital.

This incident raised awareness of the dangers of cutting weight in combat sports. In most cases, the officials are enforcing the fighters to lose over 10kg before the weigh-in to be matching with the upcoming opponents. The fighters would do strictly on diet and exercises, even go to saunas on a daily basis for the preparation. Weight cutting is not a new thing in the UFC world.

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Alex Volkanovski Tests Positive for Covid-19

Important news came up for Australian fans and particular fans across the globe. The Australian UFC fighter Alex Volkanovski tested positive for Covid-19 in the US.

Alex Volkanovski

At the US facility, Alex Volkanovski stood shirtless with a belt over his shoulder inside the gym. He has tested positive for the covid-19.

Due to the positive result, the UFC featherweight champion will have to cancel his upcoming title fight after the test.

Back then, the officials of the fighter claimed that he had a sore throat. Then the UFC medical staff treated him afterward. There were three tests involved in the UFC medical facility to check on the respective fighter. Then the tests came back positive for the Covid 19.

Volkanovski said that he was “gutted” by the condition. Despite the condition, he promised to return stronger than before.

The 31-year-old arrived in the US last week in order to prepare for the upcoming bout against the American challenger Brian Ortega in Las Vegas. The upcoming UFC bout was going to be a title fight.

The sad thing is that Volkanovski tested being negative for the Covid-19 when he left Australia back then. But then, the officials tested him again when he entered the UFC community. In the latest test, the result was positive.

Of course, it is surprising news for most fans who want to root for the fighter for the upcoming title fight. Since tests positive for COvid-19, the fight is off and will be rescheduled by the officials. He stated this new change in his social media post.

The official team has worked so hard to get ready for the fight and the fighter claimed that he felt disappointed that this has happened.

Within the competition’s bubble, the restrictions get more significant than before.

The fighter said that he had followed all of the protocols and remained within the competition’s bubble.

The positive result of the covid-19 means that the UFC 260 card has lost the main event.

The officials have decided to postpone the fight for an indefinite period of time.

Back then from Volkanovski’s camp, he said that he had a sore throat. Then the UFC medical staff closely monitored him and would continue the most appropriate treatment over the coming days.

Volkanovski said a huge thanks to everyone who helped him in the US since the arrival. He also thanked home and folks around the world for their positive messages and support for the fighter.

To his fans, he was certain that he would be coming back stronger than before after beating the covid-19.

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Darren Till Could be Israel Adesanya Next Opponent

Although losing in the previous fight, the good path is still accessible for Israel Adesanya. And the name for the next opponent is showing up.

In this case, Darren Till could be the next opponent if Israel Adesanya manages to win over Marvin Vettori at the upcoming UFC event.

Adesanya, as you’ve probably known, has suffered from the first loss back in the UFC 259. He jumped up the weight class to take on John Blachowicz , the formidable Polish opponent. However, Adesanya must take the blow after losing with unanimous decision.

As Adesanya comes back to his domain, the middleweight division, there are plenty of opponents waiting to take on him. As the fans of the fighter, we shouldn’t worry too much because there are worthy bouts that could happen in the future.

Darren Till Could be Israel Adesanya Next Opponent

Some promotions suggest that the bout could be the rematch title with the possible opponents including Marvin Vettori and Robert Whittaker. Meanwhile, the potential new other fighters are Kevin Holland or Darren Till.

But for Whittaker, the fighter will meet Kelvin Gastelum first on April 17. And then, Darren Till will face Vettori on April 10. The possibilities can be dynamic depending on the future situations. But the pendulum tends to direct to Darren Till as the next fist trader with Israel Adesanya.

Darren Till is by far the most potential next opponent for Israel Adesanya. Although he won  just one of his past four fights, the arrow is still going to the fighter.

But of course, it will happen if Israel Adesanya can win over Marvin Vettori in the next month. Adesanya told ESPN that he wanted to make Darren Till as the next one. But until then, Both fighters must win the upcoming fight that will happen next month.

The Stylebender claimed that he wanted to quickly return to the cage in May or jUne under the special events.

In UFC 244, Darren Till had the split decision victory over Kelvin Gastelum.  

If Darren Till defeats Marvin Vettori, he will get the middleweight title shot when taking on Israel Adesanya in the future. If that happens, it is going to be interesting since the huge fans of Adesanya will see their champion to defend his title.

Meanwhile, Israel Adesanya has recently responded to criticism he got from Jon Jones, his rival.

Earlier this month, Adesanya moved up his weight class to take on Blachowicz. It might be one of the most challenging things for the fighter. Daren Till could be his potential opponent. We just need to wait until the moment of truth comes out.

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Khabib Nurmagomedov Won’t Easily Get Out of UFC  – Here Is Why

Perhaps you are wondering why it is hard for the UFC to let Khabib Nurmagomedov go. In the recent news article, we noticed that Khabib is being caged in the UFC control.

Well, it might not be the best expression to show the situation. But it is what happens.

Georges St-Pierre said that UFC didn’t want Khabib Nurmagomedov to leave on his own as well. They want something first. And that’s probably that someone beats Khabib first.

Perhaps you are wondering why it is hard for the UFC to let Khabib Nurmagomedov go. Here is some of the explanations.

As we know, Georges St-Pierre walked away from the UFC twice.

Probably that’s the reason why he knew exactly that the UFC promotion won’t let Khabib go easily.

Back in the UFC 254, Khabib won over Justin Gaethje before announcing his retirement. If you’re a big fan of the fighter, you would feel surprised that the fighter would leave the organization a bit quicker than before. With the victory, Nurmagomedov has defended his lightweight title.

His latest achievement marks him to maintain the third consecutive time of title defense. The other good thing to mark is his excellent record that is 29-0, without losing. He decided to hang his gloves at the age of 32.

But apparently, the UFC won’t make it easy for Khabib. Dana White said on several occasions that he wouldn’t believe that Khabib was done fighting.

He has met with Khabib Nurmagomedov in Abu Dhabi and Las Vegas, but there is no significant change that could be happening about the professional status of Khabib.

But we can admit that the UFC is full of surprises.

Recently, we saw the news about a return teaser coming from the lightweight champion. At that time, the teaser was coming together with Lorenzo Fertitta, the former UFC co-owner.

St-Pierre can see through the reasons why Dana White and the UFC promotion are not eager to lose Khabib.

You might be thinking the same way from the business points of view. When athletes leave on their own terms, it can be a loss for the businesses. In many sports, the champions are those who generate the most.

The organizers like the UFC want to keep their best fighters on their side. In the world of boxing for instance, or the cross-discipline ones, when you hear the exhibition title, you will know what the organizers are after. They won’t hesitate to increase the PPV pricing because people are craving for the fight.  And it is the UFC job to answer the demands.

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Jan Blachowicz “Jeopardized” UFC’s Plans

We knew back then that Adesanya was the top contender in his division. But Jan Blachowicz managed to stop him from advancing. If Adesanya became the champion at the UFC 259, there would be many things happening for Adesanya. At least that was the UFC planned before.

But since the early fight of the UFC 259, Blachowicz put Adesanya to the ground. As he said, he would wrestle Adesanya and stand for the next rounds.

Jan Blachowicz “Jeopardized” UFC’s Plans

But surprisingly, what he said was not relevant. The fight turned out to be the opposite as he stated. Instead, Blachowicz stood and traded fists with the respective opponent.

In the next rounds, he went wrestling to secure the win.

Blachowicz also added that the first game plan was to be on the ground wrestling. But Adesanya was a tricky opponent for him. Blachowicz tried to take Adesanya to the ground from the first round. His attempt went on to the second round too. But Adesanya dodged really fast so that it was hard for Blachowicz to capture him.

Blachowicz claimed that he tried to make Adesanya do what he did and waited for a little longer until Adesanya got tired. When he found the cue, he would take down his opponent quickly.

From that strategy alone, we could agree that Blachowicz is a patient guy. He also added that it was better later than never.

Just like other fans of the fighter, you will be glad with this result since it will secure Blachowicz as the top contender in the division. The fighter has also nodded his happiness with the mass medium back in the interview session. He expected to knock Adesanya out at first or make him submit. But turned out that Adesanya is a formidable opponent. A simple strategy wouldn’t take him down easily.

But Blachowicz managed to win the match and he felt glad about it although he could have made it earlier.

As a result, it is the first career loss for Adesanya. nJan Blachowicz managed to break the record of Israel Adesanya. With his winning, that means the plans for Adesanya’s next big fights might not be relevant anymore. As we know, UFC officials have huge plans for Adesanya if he wins the UFC 259 fight. But they will need to postpone it because Jan Blachowicz managed to turn the table up.

If Adesanya won, the next opponent for him would be Jon Jones. The other alternative for Adesanya if he won was to go up to the heavyweight class. At least, UFC will not shed the light for the light heavyweight plans.

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Who’s Going to Face Whittaker Instead?

The upcoming fight which involves Robert Whittaker has changed quickly. There was a twist that we could follow.

Back then, we knew that he would take on Paulo Costa. However, it will be no more. Robert Whittaker will fight against Kelvin Gastelum instead.

The upcoming bout will take place on April 18 in Las Vegas.

Paula Costa withdrew from the fight card because of his illness. Since he needs to take more time to recover, there is no way to prepare for the upcoming bout.

The upcoming fight which involves Robert Whittaker has changed quickly. There was a twist that we could follow.

As we know, Whittaker is no.1 contender in the middleweight class. His current record is 2-0 in 2020. His two previous fights were victorious against Darren Till and Jared Cannonier. But before that, he lost his belt back in 2019.

Since then, he has been preparing for his title.  

So, let’s talk a bit about Whittaker’s next opponent. Kelvin Gastelu is currently 8# ranked contender. In the latest fight, he won over Ian Heinisch through unanimous decision.  Meanwhile, Whittaker’s team has actually proposed the rematch for the title against Adesanya after Costa backed off.

In the upcoming fight, Whittaker will have another chance to earn the crown after being stopped by Adesanya in 2019.

So, the officials have confirmed that Paulo Costa will be out for the upcoming fight. Robert Whittaker’s team asked for the rematch with Middleweight champ Israel Adesanya.

We were excited back then. But apparently, destiny is heading in other directions. The other party refused the request. As a result, Whittaker will take on Kelvin Gastelum instead.

We also knew that Adesanya experienced the first UFC loss. As cited by the trustworthy source, the fighter stated that “it is what it is”.

Costa will need to take time to recover from the “severe flu”. There are some speculations about Costa’s conditions but we can be sure it is not because of the pandemic.

There were some talks about rescheduling the bout which involves the same fighters. But as usual, the officials will likely replace it with another bout.

With Costa withdrawal, there were many windows open to Whittaker. One of them is the rematch bout with Adesanya. But probably because losing to Jan Blachowicz, fight to take on Adesanya is also not viable.

While Whittaker has ever won against Darren Till, Adesanya reportedly is considering making Till as his next opponent. Well, it is going to be interesting about what will happen in the future. 

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