Julija Stoliarenko Collapsed during the Weight-In

The UFC fighter Julija Stoliarenko was in a surprising collapse during the weigh-in. The UFC world has been shaken after a fighter collapsed during the weigh-in attempts. As a result, her bout is going off. The cancellation of her bout is sensible because the wellness of the fighter should be paramount.

Lithuanian fighter Julija Stoliarenko collapsed twice on the scales prior to her upcoming bout of the UFC Fight Night. The officials scheduled her to take on Julia Avila in Las Vegas. The women’s bantamweight contender didn’t only collapse once, but twice.

According to the UFC officials, there will be a match-up in the UFC Fight Night that requires her to cut down her weight to manage the bantamweight contender. Apparently, her collapses were due to extreme weight-cutting issues.

There was no sign of the collapse because she looked fine before the scales. Stoliarenko’s condition was questioned when she hit on. All of the bystanders agreed that she didn’t look fine when going on the scales. Before her collapse, the beautiful fighter placed her hands on her hips. Apparently, it was an attempt to balance herself and manage the dizziness. The fighter then started to lose her balance.

Stoliarenko took a step back off before the scaling but staggered back and collapsed. She couldn’t control herself and hit against the UFC promotional backdrop. The surrounding was shocked but then security and other officials rushed to the stage to help her.

They helped her to get the chair and sit her at the corner of the stage. The officials then questioned her condition. In such scenes, the officials decided to give her a chance to weigh in again. She successfully made the weight at 135.5 pounds.

But when she got off the scale, she collapsed again and fell back. A UFC security guard caught her and saved her. The doctor on site quickly acted and checked on her. Her coach handed her a bottle of water before she went into the safe room, which will continue her treatment at the hospital.

This incident raised awareness of the dangers of cutting weight in combat sports. In most cases, the officials are enforcing the fighters to lose over 10kg before the weigh-in to be matching with the upcoming opponents. The fighters would do strictly on diet and exercises, even go to saunas on a daily basis for the preparation. Weight cutting is not a new thing in the UFC world.

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