Alex Volkanovski Tests Positive for Covid-19

Important news came up for Australian fans and particular fans across the globe. The Australian UFC fighter Alex Volkanovski tested positive for Covid-19 in the US.

Alex Volkanovski

At the US facility, Alex Volkanovski stood shirtless with a belt over his shoulder inside the gym. He has tested positive for the covid-19.

Due to the positive result, the UFC featherweight champion will have to cancel his upcoming title fight after the test.

Back then, the officials of the fighter claimed that he had a sore throat. Then the UFC medical staff treated him afterward. There were three tests involved in the UFC medical facility to check on the respective fighter. Then the tests came back positive for the Covid 19.

Volkanovski said that he was “gutted” by the condition. Despite the condition, he promised to return stronger than before.

The 31-year-old arrived in the US last week in order to prepare for the upcoming bout against the American challenger Brian Ortega in Las Vegas. The upcoming UFC bout was going to be a title fight.

The sad thing is that Volkanovski tested being negative for the Covid-19 when he left Australia back then. But then, the officials tested him again when he entered the UFC community. In the latest test, the result was positive.

Of course, it is surprising news for most fans who want to root for the fighter for the upcoming title fight. Since tests positive for COvid-19, the fight is off and will be rescheduled by the officials. He stated this new change in his social media post.

The official team has worked so hard to get ready for the fight and the fighter claimed that he felt disappointed that this has happened.

Within the competition’s bubble, the restrictions get more significant than before.

The fighter said that he had followed all of the protocols and remained within the competition’s bubble.

The positive result of the covid-19 means that the UFC 260 card has lost the main event.

The officials have decided to postpone the fight for an indefinite period of time.

Back then from Volkanovski’s camp, he said that he had a sore throat. Then the UFC medical staff closely monitored him and would continue the most appropriate treatment over the coming days.

Volkanovski said a huge thanks to everyone who helped him in the US since the arrival. He also thanked home and folks around the world for their positive messages and support for the fighter.

To his fans, he was certain that he would be coming back stronger than before after beating the covid-19.

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