Why is There So Much Crossover Between MMA and Poker?

If you’ve followed MMA closely over the years, you may well have noticed that the sport has an almost bizarre number of connections to the poker world. Terrence Chan may be the first person who comes to mind when you think of this connection, because he essentially emerged on the pro poker and MMA scenes around the same time. But he is by no means the only connection.

About a decade ago, two pro poker players known as “RasZi” (LexVelduis) and “ElkY” (Bertrand Grospellier) put on an MMA exhibition as a sort of extravagant bet. It was a one-off event in which RasZi dropped ElkY in a matter of minutes, but it helped to build an early bridge between poker and MMA. And in the time since, several prominent figures have crossed the lines more regularly.

In 2019, a trio of MMA figures (commentator Bruce Buffer, Johnny Walker, and Daniel Cormier) became brand ambassadors for the PokerStars network – more or less forming an official bond between PokerStars and UFC. And in the meantime, MMA overlord Dana White has reportedly had so much success at the card tables that he’s been banned from Las Vegas casinos for winning too much. Granted, White’s winnings supposedly come mostly from blackjack, but it’s a safe bet a guy winning that much knows his way around a poker table also.

So what exactly is behind the consistent connection between these and other MMA figures and the world of poker? It may well be coincidence, for the most part. But there are also some particular explanations that make sense.

Vegas Culture

It might be as simple as Las Vegas being a sort of home base for UFC. Fighters and others connected to the sport are constantly in close proximity to the Las Vegas poker rooms, which — it goes without saying — are among the best in the world. Even if most actual MMA fights in town take place at UFC apex, venues like the Aria, Bellagio, Wynn, and more are never too far away. Indeed it’s a good bet that fighters and their teams stay at these resorts, directly above legendary gaming floors and poker rooms, quite frequently. Poker is simply part of the culture in the de facto hometown of MMA.

Competitive Release

Part of the draw of poker to MMA figures (and vice versa) may also be the simple fact that the game provides a competitive release. The kinds of people who get involved in something like mixed martial arts are not merely competitive in the octagon, but rather are competitive by nature. As is the case with athletes in many other sports, they often seek out additional ways of releasing that competitive energy when they aren’t fighting. It’s why we see so many athletes take up golf in their spare time, and may well have something to do with why plenty play poker as well.

Similar Skillsets

Poker may feed the competitive energy of a pro fighter, but it also requires some similar skills. Again, this likely explains why a lot of athletes in general turn to things like poker and golf. People in sports have to learn to focus on a task at hand, operate strategically, read opponents, and develop short memories for good and bad outcomes. The best poker players, meanwhile, thrive on the same skills. In this sense the game is often just a natural fit for an athlete, whether from MMA or elsewhere.

A Celebrity Thing

Finally, it may also just be a celebrity thing! MMA fighters have developed more and more of a presence in mainstream celebrity culture over the years — and will likely trend even further in that direction given the emergence of influencer personalities like Jake Paul in fighting circles. It’s a vague point, but celebrities simply seem to enjoy showing up at poker tables now and then. Or perhaps it’s just that we tend to notice when they do. Whatever the case, it’s not out of the question that the more recognizable MMA fighters become, the more we’ll see them playing poker.

Again, there’s undoubtedly some coincidence at hand also. But given all of the above, it’s not so surprising that we have seen and will continue to see plenty of crossover between MMA and poker.

How to Bypass ESPN+ Live UFC Blackout Restrictions with Top 5 VPN

The ESPN+ is the legal way to watch any UFC fight card through your favorite display screen. But there will be times when you need to travel to another city or country where there are blackout restrictions. Since you’ve subscribed to ESPN+ service, you don’t want to spend more money for other services which are available in different locations.

If you are asking about the way to work around these restrictions, you have come to the right page. Here we are going to share with you how to bypass ESPN+ Live UFC Blackout Restrictions for good. So, without further ado, let’s just go straight to the meat of the discussion.

The Quick Guide to Bypass ESPN+ at Glance

  1. Get a trusted – VPN Order ExpressVPN (49% off + 3 Month Free)
  2. Install its Apps on your device. Such as Windows, MAC, Android, iOS, Linux, Chromebook, Kindle Fire, etc
  3. Choose your Server Location in the USA and connect it.
  4. Go to ESPN+ and Watch stream UFC Fights live from anywhere!

What are blackout restrictions?

The restrictions in blackout might happen in some sports leagues and categories. The blackout happens in several areas that do not have any contract signed with the particular TV distributors.

In other cases, the sports league or institutions could also prohibit specific events from being aired in some areas. These restrictions are fair things in some areas. It is not a new thing anymore. But you can work around with these if you are experiencing a blackout.

Does ESPN+ Have any Blackout Restrictions?

Yes, it does. ESPN+ streaming service comes with a blackout policy. Some of the live sporting events or others can be subject to blackouts depending on the contracts of the live streaming providers with the TV distributors.

How a VPN works to bypass ESPN+ live blackouts?

How a VPN works to bypass ESPN+

One can bypass these blackouts by using the good quality services of VPN. Suppose you are using ESPN+ to watch the upcoming UFC event, you could still use your account although you are traveling in the restricted coverage area.

Since we are focusing on the location-based restrictions solution, the VPN is the only way you can choose to unlock the service. VPN basically allows you to mask your current IP address with the particular region you want to show. For instance, if you are traveling in an Asian country, you might want to connect to the US server through a VPN to unlock the ESPN+ service.

So, you will have peace of mind when you go out there since you can switch to another IP with the help of a VPN and the service will read you coming from the countries they are serving the particular services.

The main method of the VPN is to relocate your current location to another although you are not necessarily moving. But the provider on the other side will see you coming from a particular location, allowing you access to their service.

The VPN will give you a new IP address to conceal your real IP. The other party won’t realize it so that you can use the particular live streaming service without any hassle.

How to Pick a VPN to bypass live ESPN blackout restrictions

Not all VPN services are created equal in the marketplace. You might find some popular VPN services that do not charge you anything to use their service. But of course, those will come with some downsides. Even the top-notch VPN services also come with some drawbacks that you can see from their past customer reviews.

Your chance will be much better if you are dealing with reputable VPN providers like Expressvpn, Nord VPN, IPVanish, CyberGhost, etc. If you have gotten the opportunity to use their free trial offers, you can then make a personal assessment of each service.

The VPN service should come with good security. Make sure that they have the best privacy terms and policy.
The home country of the VPN provider is also important. The further away it is located from your current location, the slower the connection will be.

How to bypass ESPN+ UFC live blackout

Each VPN service might have a unique way of offering a VPN connection to the users. However, the steps you are taking will be pretty much the same from one platform to another.

  • You need to subscribe to a particular VPN service first. (Check out our 5 Best VPN recommendations below)
  • And then, you could download the app and install it on your device.
  • It can be the app on your smartphone, tablet, PC, or laptop.
  • Then after installing, you could launch the app and sign in using the given credentials.
  • The next thing you want to do is just choose a particular server you will want to connect to. Some VPN services offer you the fastest available server. So, slow buffering would be the last thing you expect when using good quality VPN service.
  • If you still have plenty of time before the event takes place, you could test the connection first to make sure if the VPN can work properly on your device.
  • This step is optional. But it will definitely help you to stay advanced towards the backouts. After seeing your chosen location, you could proceed to watch the content you desire.

Our Top 5 Best VPN Recommendations for ESPN+ blackouts

Picking the best VPN service by yourself might be daunting enough. So, save your time and effort by looking at our compelling list below.



ExpressVPN is arguably the no.1 VPN provider across the globe. Whenever you are searching using your favorite search engine, this provider always comes as the first recommendation. It is a popular choice because of its fast connections in around 3,000 servers across 94 countries. On paper, this provider offers you more than you need to bypass the blackout restrictions to watch your favorite UFC showdown.

You can also use the service on up to 3 devices at the same time. It has a zero-logging policy. That means everything you access on the net won’t be traced.


  • Comes up with great discounts
  • Fast servers
  • Easy interface to learn
  • Customer support around the clock


  • Expensive monthly membership – the yearly plan can be much more affordable



NordVPN has been there amongst the sports and binge-watching lovers around the world. NordVPN offers over 5,000 fast connection servers in 59 countries.

It accommodates larger server networks amongst the VPN providers we listed today. It comes with specialty servers as well for gamers, content creators, and other kinds of advanced users.

NordVPN service is reliable and fast. The 256-AES Encryption makes sure to protect your connection all the time. It also comes with a strict no-logging policy. You can rest assured that your private data is safe.


  • Optimized servers to unblock any content
  • A huge number of servers
  • Kill-switch to protect you from DNS leak
  • Customer support around the clock


  • May Reduce your internet speed when you connect VPN
  • It Does not prevent voluntary data collection
  • Discounts for longer subscriptions only



PureVPN has been around in the market for a while. It has over 15 years of experience in serving clients across the globe. Since their operational location is in Hong Kong, they are free from Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, as well as Fourteen Eyes. PureVPN has over 6,000 servers across the globe to connect in 140 countries. That means wherever you will go, you will be able to access the UFC content through your device.

Having so many servers with good speed of connection, it can make a perfect choice for your routine watching activity.


Fast servers
Kill-switch to prevent leaks
A great choice for torrenting
No-data logging policy, which will protect your privacy and won’t trace back all of your activities.


The customer support is around 24/7, but it seems they lack of staffs due to the slow response
Not the cheapest VPN to be found



IPVanish comes with a considerable tag price regardless of the ample number of servers they offer to connect to bypass the particular content on the internet.

It also has stellar reviews from experts and regular users. Most of them are wowed with the low latency and high speed the VPN offers although they connect to other country’s servers. It is definitely one of the top options to add to your wishlist


The easy setup even for the beginners
Ample number of servers
Fast connections
Work in many compatible devices


Although it is not the cheapest option, you can see a lot of discount offers on it


CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost Seems so simple and friendly for most users. Even though you are not internet tech-savvy, you could use this service on your first try.

It is a very great choice for the newbie since this app comes with wizards every time you open the app. At the launch, you could choose specific configuration profiles that match your needs. Choose “unblock streaming” for bypassing the ESPN+ restrictions.


Helpful “unblock streaming” feature
Fast connections
No-logging policy


The number of servers are limited

ESPN & ESPN Blackout FAQ:

How is my location determined?

The provider will read the current location of your device. If you do not enable the location, you won’t be able to access the ESPN+ service.

Why is ESPN blacked out in my area?

The officials will negotiate the broadcast rights. So, it will solely depend on the contracts between the broadcasters and the sports league officials. If they hold a contract in your location, you can watch it without any problem.

How to bypass ESPN+ blackouts on a Web Browser?

Connect to a specific server using your VPN. Choose the location that can unlock the streaming service. Then open your browser and log in to ESPN+ as usual. Clear the history, cookies, and cache every time you’re done.

How to bypass ESPN+ blackouts on Android or iOS?

You could open a VPN app and connect to a specific server. Then open the ESPN+ app, and log in using your official credentials. That’s it.

Free VPN can manage ESPN+ Blackout problems?

YES and NO. Yes, it can unlock some streaming services. But if you are connecting to a crowded server, you will notice such slow connections. Free VPN service also lacks security features. So, it is better to focus on the paid services.

Is the Third Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier Still On?

The world has been speculating about the future of the trilogy fights that involve Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier. Some said that it has been off because of the charity donation dispute.

Back then, Poirier tweeted in his official social media account claiming that McGregor didn’t follow through with his pledge to donate half a million dollars earned from the fight to the charity.

Initially, the fight is going to happen in July.

Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier
The world has been speculating about the future of the trilogy fights that involve Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier.

Poirier won over McGregor at UFC 257 in January. The officials were willing to set them up again for the third time on July 10. Both fighters claimed that they had signed the contract for the particular fight.

But we have been in the dark about the official fight that would take place. McGregor said that he would find another opponent if the fight is off.

And yesterday, McGregor tweeted that he was going to fight someone else on the 10th.  

The rumors were there but the news quoted that it was because of the failure of deliverance in donating the money to The Good Fight Foundation.

Poirier accused McGregor that the respective fighter failed to deliver the promise to donate the aforementioned fund. Apparently, the Twitter messages traded between the two sides.

Back in January, Conor McGregor was losing to Poirier. That triggered the other side to seek revenge. In the first encounter, the “Notorious” won the match.

McGregor promised that he would donate $500k to The Good Fight Foundation bank account. However, Poirier stated that McGregor failed to deliver his promise.

For those who haven’t known about it, The Good Fight Foundation is the charity set up by Poirier to help communities who are in need in the area of Louisiana.

Poirier tweeted on Sunday suggesting that McGregor didn’t keep his promise.

Conor McGregor’s reactions looked furious about it.

McGregor insisted that the trilogy fight against Dustin Poirier was off after the revelation of the donation issue.

McGregor told Poirier that he would pay with Poirier’s brain for the attempt of smearing his name. He stated the statement with anger in the later announcement.

The Irishman confirmed that he was going to fight another fighter in the upcoming fight that will take place on July 10.  

McGregor also didn’t plan to pay 500k or anything. The fight is officially off. And he is going to fight someone else on the 10th.

Audie Attar, McGregor manager also nodded that Poirier has such a bad move. The Poirier remarks have drawn fits of anger on McGregor’s side for sensible reasons. Back then, the Notorious Steam assisted Poirier to get the better deal from the UFC.

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Ben Askren Stated that He Would Beat Jake Paul on April 17th

The former Bellator and ONE Champion Ben Askren has confirmed to the mass media that he would be 100% ready to take on Jake Paul on April 17th.

Ben Askren stated it at the latest press conference he attended for promoting the upcoming PPV boxing match against Jake Paul.

The former Bellator and ONE Champion Ben Askren has confirmed to the mass media that he would be 100% ready to take on Jake Paul.

It is not a new thing that the MMA Fighters cross over to boxing to meet other opponents from other disciplines. But there were also some fighters who lost in the debut such as Anderson Silva, Israel Adesanya, and Mike Perry. And then, McGregor lost to Floyd Mayweather back then.

But it is going to be different because the respective fighter’s opponent is coming from a different domain. The fighters are looking to grab the memorable win.

For Ben Askren, it will be a meaningful victory no matter who is the opponent. Askren also added that boxing training is the easiest sport he’s ever done in his life. Of course, it is much easier for him to train in boxing than MMA. For the respective fighter, boxing is literally easier than anything else. Jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, muay Thai, and other disciplines have more learning curves and stressors.

Askren also liked the training since he discovered a lot of new things. And he has been well with it. Boxing is so much easier than MMA, at least it is what Askren has been thinking.

In MMA, one would need to think about the takedown, clinching the opponent, kneeing, kicking, punching, elbowing, and so on. MMA is where a good amount of information revolves around in just a split second.

The chances might be more challenging for both fighters because they are still amateur boxers. Askren has been training for around three months. Logically speaking, it is a short time preparation for welcoming something big happening in the future of his career.

But we’ll come to get the moment of truth. It is something that most Askren’s fans will rarely see because we can’t expect this to be a long-term show.

In the official press conference, Askren also stated that he was not going to be a full-time boxer. Since he got an interesting opportunity to try new stuff while earning some experiences, why not? He is going to take the advantage of it.

It is also a great opportunity for Askren fans to see the rare gems on the boxing ring beside the octagon itself.

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Joe Rogan Podcast Content is No Longer Available?

The streaming providers have deleted Joe Rogan’s podcast content without a huge announcement. There are some reasons of deletion.

Spotify has been removing the series of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcasts from the official platform.

Besides, there are also 42 interviews that are no longer available. These interviews consist of sessions with controversial characters.

We can see this as a “quiet” action because there is no huge announcement or whatsoever to indicate the decisions to strip off the content from the huge platform.

In regard to this, Spotify hasn’t made any official statement yet about their decision. However, the mass medium has noticed that some episodes are not available any more on the platform. While some of them are deleted, some are censored.

This removal happens less than a year after the announcement of an exclusive deal between Spotify and “The Joe Rogan Experience ”.

Back then Rogan’s content was only available on YouTube. The streaming service Spotify has sourced Rogan content after the deal.

The partnership was happening last year.

The streaming providers have deleted Joe Rogan’s podcast content without a huge announcement. There are some reasons of deletion.

Rogan stated that there were some episodes that were not suitable to get on the platform. And Rogan was okay with it and he didn’t care.  The 11-year-deal with Spotify guaranteed the worth of $100 million.

Some popular content was no longer available on the respective platform. For instance, people know about “Bulletproof Coffee founder Dave Asprey”. The Father of biohacking has the unorthodox way to propose a diet regimen for many people.

The doctors and other health experts have been criticizing his high-fat diet regimen which comes out without any serious research.

Other content that we no longer see is the episodes that feature Alex Jones, a renowned conspiracy theorist.

It is not actually a new thing that happened to Alex Jones. There are also several episodes of “Infowars” that were stripped off from the platform. For some people, Spotify’s reasoning is sensible because the kinds of topics can make the platform unneutral or procure the form of hate speech and one-sided opinions.

Spotify chief legal officer Horacio Gutierrez also claimed that they were not going to prevent someone from being a guest on another show. They can ban the content, but not the individuals. In total, Spotify has deleted 42 Joe Rogan episodes, including Chris D’Elia and Milo Yannopoulos.

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The Champion of UFC Bantamweight Aljamain Sterling will Undergo Neck Surgery

Aljamain Sterling, the renowned UFC Bantamweight, will undergo serious surgery to fix his neck issue. Apparently, he has been dealing with this matter for nearly a decade.

As recorded by the mass medium, he would take this to return to the action before the end of this year.

Another good fact is that he became the first fighter in the UFC to attain the champion crown via disqualification.

Back then, he grabbed it from Petr Yan because of the illegal knee movement which automatically disqualified the former champion.

Yan downed sterling in the fourth round by illegal kneeing. Sterling wasn’t able to proceed with the fight. But then, the officials decided to disqualify Yan, resulting in transferring the title to Sterling.

There have been a lot of speculations after the fight, procuring the possibility of the rematch. According to the news catchers, the UFC is cool with the rematch that involves Yan and Sterling.

Of course, it will likely happen after Sterling recovers from his neck surgery.

Sterling stated that he would need around three months to fully heal his neck. And he could start doing cardio to get himself ready to get back to the Octagon.

Aljamain Sterling, the renowned UFC Bantamweight, will undergo serious surgery to fix his neck issuer which has for nearly a decade.

The physicians wouldn’t allow Sterling to take the particular fight until his neck is fully healed. Although five months is the ideal time, three months can be safe enough to start his cardio again.

The faster he heals up, the faster he will get back to the Octagon. If you are a fan of the fighter, you surely want to see him in action again faster. Guess we’ll find out in the next three months. If he can recover fast, there’s a possibility that he will be participating in the next UFC fight card.

Besides the neck injuries, he had also been suffering from a shoulder injury, a herniated disc injury, and torn left bicep. However, the only injury that needs surgery is his neck.

If the thing goes well, he just needs to sit back and relax until October. We need to wait a little longer before the rematch happens between Aljamain Sterling and Petr Yan.

The officials expected to book the rematch of the fight. No matter how we look at it, both fighters’ fans deserve a good ending of the fight: the fight which is fair. Stay tuned in the respective social media to get updated with the status of the fight.

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Holly Holm Withdraws from Bout Against Julianna Pena

The fight, entitled Holly Holm vs Julianna Pena, will no longer be available in the UFC schedule. It is because Holly Holm has withdrawn from the fight card of the UFC Fight Night clash that will take place on May 8.

The fight, entitled Holly Holm vs Julianna Pena, will no longer be available in the UFC schedule due to the injury.

The public has actually known the information first from Pena via her tweets on her official Twitter account. Back then, there have been speculations about the reasons why Holly Holm pulled off from the fight card because there was no official statement released by the respective fighter yet.

Julianna Pena stated that she had just been informed that Holly Holm was injured and had pulled from the scheduled bout. She also wished for Holm’s full recovery.

There is no confirmation whether Pena will remain on the fight card or not. Instead, Pena wouldn’t back off to respond to the bout against two-division champ Amanda Nunes. However, Nunes didn’t respond to the callout.

Nunes also said in the press conference that Pena could fight Germaine. Nunes hasher good reason. She had to get in the mix when it comes to weight. She claimed that she was pretty heavy so that she would take into consideration her diet. Nunes also added that she was going to fight whoever Dana White assign for her opponent.

So, how’s the fight going to be? The UFC Fight Night has not yet made an official headliner or location.

So, let’s get back to Holly Holm’s injury. According to a trustworthy source, Holm revealed that she has a kidney issue which forced her to pull off the upcoming fight card.

She hoped to rebook the flight with Julianna Pena. The ex-champion of bantamweight is hoping that she can put her name again on the fight card against Julianna Pena when she already recovers from her injury.

On Tuesday, Holm released an official video to explain her condition and the latest situation, as well as the possible future of the bout. She was also hoping to return sooner than later. When it comes to her comeback, she emphasized that it shouldn’t be too long to wait for her to get back to the competition.

She had super abdominal pains which needed to take care of. She explained it as a recurring situation. Her condition name is hydronephrosis. It is the condition where the kidney does not drain the bladder correctly. It happens because of the build-up of urine in her kidney.

Let’s hope for a quick full recovery for the fighter so that we can welcome her again in the Octagon.

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UFC Vegas 23 Late Prelims Preview

At most recent times, the UFC and Dana White have decided to bring more Prelims fights to the channel. Therefore, those who have subscribed to ESPN and ESPN+ can really use their valuable time to watch the good prelims fights right at home or else.

The UFC Vegas 23 will take place on Saturday, April 10, 2021. The headliner of the event will be Vettori vs Holland.

The UFC Vegas 23 will take place on Saturday, April 10, 2021. The headliner of the event will be Vettori vs Holland. This fight also marked the UFC’s return to UFC APEX in Las Vegas.

Kevin Hollands confirmed the upcoming fight against Marvin Vettori just around three weeks after losing to Derek Brunson.

The UFC Vegas 23 Prelims undercard bouts are also the things that you don’t want to miss when expecting the moment of truth.

Jim Miller vs. Joe Solecki

Jim Miller started the bout with an appetizing record since he lost five of his previous six fights.  But he still had the chance to turn the table when fighting Joe Solecki later on the UFC Vegas 23. He is one inch shorter than his opponent. However, he has such an advantage in reaching his opponent.

Solecki also reserved the UFC spot after winning over Matt Wiman. The debut was a one-sided situation. In this case, Miller needs to pace up his movement so that he can finish the bout earlier.

Scott Holtzman vs. Mateusz Gamrot

Scott Holtzman has been around to make the way to the Lightweight achievement. The record of 14-4 is great enough to make him my favorite. Beneil Dariush knocked him out in the latest fight. The upcoming fight against Gamrot will be the chance to reclaim his image again. Mateusz Gamrot has remarked himself as one of the European renowned fighters in the KSW. Gamrot is not going to be an easy opponent to beat down. The prediction is Gamrot comes out as a winner via unanimous decision.

Norma Dumont vs. Erin Blanchfield

Norma Dumont has a 5-1 record in her UFC career. Her debut was losing to Megan Anderson. The upcoming fight is against Erin Blanchfield. In this case, Norma Dumont has a three-inch height advantage. Meanwhile, Erin Blanchfield comes in with a 6-1 record. She won three straight since her debut before losing one time. But then she bounced back with a three-win streak. It’s a great start for her. In this case, experts predicted that Blanchfield is going to take the victory through a unanimous decision.

John Makdessi vs. Ignacio Bahamondes

John Makdessi has rebounded with three consecutive victories. Meanwhile, Bahamondes had marked his eight by KO. Experts predicted that Bahamondes would win through a unanimous decision.

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UFC 261: The Return of Tristan Conelly

It’s been a while since the last time we saw Tristan Connelly fight on the UFC Ring. Plus the global pandemic which forces every industry to hold their activities for quite a long time. Also unfortunate For Connelly he had to undergo neck surgery which required him to take a break for months. Now for the first time after his recovery, a fight has been booked for Connelly. After MMA, this is his second fight in the UFC ring after his debut back then in 2019. This time Connelly will fight against Pat Sabatini on April 24 at VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville. 

Connelly will fight against Pat Sabatini on April 24 at VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville. It will be a great return.

His first UFC debut was a sensational match. Connelly who had just entered UFC had to fight the famous Michael Perreira. As a name which was unknown in the UFC ring, of course he had to be the underdog at that moment. However, he fought against the odds and gave Perreira his going-to-be unforgettable UFC Loss. Connelly showed a good fight with solid fundamentals which results in his win against an unfavorable situation. Of course since his excellent fight against Perreira, people would want to see Connelly showing another spectacular performance in the UFC arena.

As for Sabatini, he is a fighter with a quite formidable MMA record at 13wins and 3 losses. His fight against Connelly came as a short notice after the scheduled fight was cancelled. Originally, Sabatini was scheduled to fight Rafael Alves at UFC Fight Night 185. It was going nicely until Alves didn’t meet the weight limit by 11,5 pounds. Sabatini himself was a CFFC champion which starts his UFC debut on a winning streak of 2 fights. In February 2020 he sustained an arm injury which caused him to lose his fight in the last six matchups. In this UFC 261, once again we will see the fight between a former champion and a sensational fighter. We hope you are ready to witness the spectacular fight.

Besides the fight between the two, UFC 261 has an intriguing lineup which consists of 3 title matches. First, Masvidal vs Usman the current champion who will fight for the welterweight title. As for women flyweight, Jessica Andrande will fight against the current Champ Valentina Shevchenko. And the third title fight will be for the strawweight class between the current champ Zhang Weili vs Rose Namajunas. The fight between Tristan Connelly vs Pat Sabatini will be the last card of the matchups.

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UFC 262: Extended Showdown or Another Beatdown?

It was truly a bloody sight in UFC 244 back in 2019 November, Nate Diaz’s face was torn because of the hits he took. He had to lose his BMF belt because of the technical knockout loss. However, the Stockton slapper’s charm didn’t fade a bit from his fans. The fans keep insisting that if only Diaz could drag the fight longer, he would come out as the winner.

They said that Diaz’s “engine” just started to warm up before the fight was stopped due to his injuries. Because of the extent of the injuries around his right eye, the referee called for TKO on Diaz. Aside from Diaz’s fans, people should be able to predict what kind of ending would happen if the fight went on. 

Diaz got another chance to prove hir 5-round magic in UFC 262. The schedule is for him to fight Leon Edwards

And now Diaz got another chance to prove hir 5-round magic in UFC 262. The schedule is for him to fight Leon Edwards, the current top rank of welterweight. They are scheduled to fight on 15th May in Texas.

However, there are quite a number of opinions stating that this 25 minutes of fighting against “Rocky” could be worse than back in UFC 244.

The event will be on live broadcast PPV. This upcoming fight couldn’t be any easier than his fight with Masdival then. But there have always been surprises during the fight.

On the other side, his opponent for UFC 262, Leon Edwards said that he might have known Diaz’s strategy for him. Since in Nate Diaz’s previous fight against Masvidal it is clear that he started to move better during the fourth and fifth round.

Then if that is what Diaz wants to do while fighting against him, then Edwards said that he would also be going for long ones. Despite his 36 years old body and lack of matches, Diaz still has remarkable cardio. While Edwards is still at his prime 29 and energetic just like the other youngsters. 

Edwards has pretty high confidence in his upcoming fight against Nate Diaz. It is no other because of his better physique and excellent record during his career in UFC. Edwards stated that he had never been defeated in his fights and he won’t see it happens in this upcoming event. He also said that he is going to make a full use of the long rounds and make sure that everyone will see his superior fighting skills in all areas.

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