ESPN+ Review 2021: Everything you Need to Know

ESPN+ is one of the most renowned live streaming services for sports lovers and cord-cutters. There are a lot of things to enjoy from this amazing service from the soccer matchups, college sports, MLB, to the UFC events. If you’re an avid sports fan, you will want to stick to this option to keep following your favorite content.

For some of us, ESPN+ might still be new to be heard. Here is where our ESPN Plus unbiased review 2021 enters. You might still be in the middle of the decision. Read this review fully to help you to decide on your subscription.

espn plus review

The Difference between ESPN+ and ESPN

What makes it different from ESPN? You might have a sort of question. It is imperative to understand that the ESPN+ is not the same as the regular ESPN channel. It offers plus content but not including the main programming of ESPN. The good thing here is that you can enjoy the content in ESPN+ without having to subscribe to ESPN.

The Main Content of ESPN Plus

There are three main types of content that ESPN+ offers: live sports, ESPN+ originals, as well as ESPN shows. You can easily watch national sports leagues in the US, NHL, MLB games, and other big games including UFC and other sports disciplines. It also provides on-demand content including the full replays in the archive that you can access freely.

National football games are also available on ESPN Plus. The other sports events come from soccer, boxing, UFC, and so on. All in all, ESPN+ is an excellent choice for common sports lovers to follow their favorite content.

Nowadays, the big events which draw more viewers in ESPN+ revolve around fighting sports including UFC, Top Rank, and Professional Fighting League, boxing, and many more.

Looking at its offerings of the content, it is indeed a great service compared to the common live streaming service fuboTV or YouTube TV. ESPN+ grants you to access special sports events which might not be available on the conventional TV channel.

How much does ESPN Plus cost?

Compared to the other live streaming services, ESPN+ can be much cheaper than them. It only costs you $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year. It is also viable to choose the bundle which includes ESPN+, Disney+, and Hulu for only $13.99. This price is still cheaper than arguably the cheapest live streaming service like Sling TV (it has more channels though).

This $13.99 package includes Hulu with ads. If you want to remove the ads, you could use the other bundle which costs you $19.99 per month.

ESPN standalone service itself offers a free trial for the new users. However, if you take it as a bundle, it no longer comes with the free trial.

While the subscription is just a pocket-friendly option for most sports lovers, the PPV price is still a bit much for some folks. For instance, the UFC 261 PPV costs $69.99. For some folks, it is not worth fighting for some minutes.

On what device you can use the ESPN+?

You can use your favorite browser to access ESPN+ through your PC or Mac. ESPN+ on the web can be a great option for those who don’t want to download any software or app to their device.

Besides the web, it is also available in the mobile device apps for Android and iOS, media streaming devices, as well as gaming console devices.

How to sign up for ESPN Plus?

The registration process is pretty easy and straightforward.

You could go to ESPN+ official site. Just like registration on the other side, you just need to provide your email address, password, and other information. It only takes a few minutes until you can access the ESPN+ service through the web.

To navigate ESPN+ , you could go to Then you can manage the subscription through the web.

The website is pretty navigable. For the first-timers, it will be easy to explore the various sections including Featured, Originals, Browse, Schedules & Replays, as well as Articles.

The featured section pushes up the top and upcoming events airing on ESPN Plus. you will see the best content right there. The originals section shows you the ESPN+ original shows. Meanwhile, in the Browse section, you will have the freedom to explore the catalogue by different categories such as sport, league, conference, or show.

Keep in mind though that not all shows are available on the ESPN+. So, when you browse around, you won’t be surprised if some shows require the credentials of your cable or video streaming service account.

How to differ the ESPN+ content from the core programming? Easy., you will notice that the golden badge planted in the upper left corner of each show’s thumbnails tell you that they are available in the ESPN+.

The Schedules and Replays tab

Chances are you will play around with this tab a lot to keep updated with the upcoming events and the previous ones. Through this tab, you will be able to view the live, upcoming, as well as past events.

The filter is easy to use. You can sort it out based on several variables. The details page comes with ample information including the runtime, year, director, as well as description of the show. ESPN+ has the titles you can enjoy.


You might wonder if ESPN+ has an app that you can use on your mobile device. And the answer is YES. However, you won’t find it if you type “ESPN+”. Instead, you could use the conventional ESPN app. Download the app and install it on your device.

Through the main ESPN app, you can easily find ESPN+ at the fourth tab on the bottom navigation bar.

You might need a little bit of time to get used to the interface since it is too simple. However, it is quick to navigate these interfaces and you can watch right through this app. Not to mention that you need to enable your location to watch the shows.

There are two main sections in the ESPN+ app: Stream and Articles.

The Stream tab is like the Featured section that you can see on the official site of ESPN. You can directly browse the sports events and on-demand shows. The Articles tab, just like the name suggests, provides you with the articles to keep you informed about the sports world.

The Playback Quality

The playback interface of ESPN+ in the web-based service is great. You can see such familiar standard playback and volume controls that you can use for your watching experience. You can also rewind and fast-forward for 10-second. The closed captions are also available to turn on the subtitle for some content.

The interface of the playback is very intuitive. The same positive vibes are also existing in the mobile app of ESPN. The mobile interface looks pretty much the same as the ones that you can see in the website service.

Now, ESPN+ supports up to three devices to use its service simultaneously. So, you can share your ID with two more members of your family or friends. It is pretty much a great deal if you don’t have the same interests as your fellow viewers.

Three devices seem a lot for you. But actually, it is the cut-off. Back then, ESPN+ allows up to five devices to stream at the same time. But for us, it is not a big deal, considering the pricing tag is affordable for most cord-cutters.

The video quality can reach 1080p and 60fps. If you have a good quality of screen at home, you can maximize your experience as long as you have a decent internet connection. It would be great if I could play it on my 4K TV. But there’s a trade-off for an affordable service like this.

For more info visit ESPN+ Help Center.


  • Tends to be more affordable than other services
  • Abundant live sports content
  • Fast and effective streaming capability
  • On-demand access
  • Offline downloads for mobile device users
  • Get a subscription without any contract to deal with


  • Some big events are not included
  • It does not come with DVR capabilities

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Compared to the full TV cable or satellite subscription, ESPN+ is a relatively more affordable way to watch live sports and ESPN shows. You can easily watch your favorite sports content there. However, some events might not be included in this platform for some reasons. But for a $5.99 membership, it is an easy way to reserve your option to watch your favorite sports shows.