Darren Till Could be Israel Adesanya Next Opponent

Although losing in the previous fight, the good path is still accessible for Israel Adesanya. And the name for the next opponent is showing up.

In this case, Darren Till could be the next opponent if Israel Adesanya manages to win over Marvin Vettori at the upcoming UFC event.

Adesanya, as you’ve probably known, has suffered from the first loss back in the UFC 259. He jumped up the weight class to take on John Blachowicz , the formidable Polish opponent. However, Adesanya must take the blow after losing with unanimous decision.

As Adesanya comes back to his domain, the middleweight division, there are plenty of opponents waiting to take on him. As the fans of the fighter, we shouldn’t worry too much because there are worthy bouts that could happen in the future.

Darren Till Could be Israel Adesanya Next Opponent

Some promotions suggest that the bout could be the rematch title with the possible opponents including Marvin Vettori and Robert Whittaker. Meanwhile, the potential new other fighters are Kevin Holland or Darren Till.

But for Whittaker, the fighter will meet Kelvin Gastelum first on April 17. And then, Darren Till will face Vettori on April 10. The possibilities can be dynamic depending on the future situations. But the pendulum tends to direct to Darren Till as the next fist trader with Israel Adesanya.

Darren Till is by far the most potential next opponent for Israel Adesanya. Although he won  just one of his past four fights, the arrow is still going to the fighter.

But of course, it will happen if Israel Adesanya can win over Marvin Vettori in the next month. Adesanya told ESPN that he wanted to make Darren Till as the next one. But until then, Both fighters must win the upcoming fight that will happen next month.

The Stylebender claimed that he wanted to quickly return to the cage in May or jUne under the special events.

In UFC 244, Darren Till had the split decision victory over Kelvin Gastelum.  

If Darren Till defeats Marvin Vettori, he will get the middleweight title shot when taking on Israel Adesanya in the future. If that happens, it is going to be interesting since the huge fans of Adesanya will see their champion to defend his title.

Meanwhile, Israel Adesanya has recently responded to criticism he got from Jon Jones, his rival.

Earlier this month, Adesanya moved up his weight class to take on Blachowicz. It might be one of the most challenging things for the fighter. Daren Till could be his potential opponent. We just need to wait until the moment of truth comes out.

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