The Blockbuster Moment in the UFC 260

The UFC 260 card has delivered the promised blockbuster moments. Obviously, the UFC fans have been satisfied with their PPV purchases and time spared for watching the big show.

The UFC fans have been satisfied with their PPV purchases and time spared for watching the big show in the UFC 260.

The UFC 260 ended with Francis Ngannou coming out as the new champion in the heavyweight division.

Jamie Mullarkey is the first name to show up. Actually, the interesting moment started with the Aussie fighter’s’s first win after taking down his opponent for only 40 seconds.

The opening really sparked the audiences after Mullakery used his stunning left punch to make his opponent give up.

After the opening, there were two incredible moments as well.

Seaon O’Malley, one of the most popular contenders in his class, got the victor with the huge knockout. He head-kicked Almeida heavily to make him down. Many experts were surprised that Almeida survived the first head kick.

He still stood to give the trades. The fact that Almeida was still in the fight after receiving the heavy head kick was surprising enough.

Meanwhile, the other fireworks happened when there was a fist trade between Vincente Luque and Tyron Woodley.

Luque made Woodley submit after choke-holding him. That was a jaw-dropping moment for most sports fans across the globe. That was a crazy finish indeed.

But the most exciting moment was when we saw the headliners of the Fight Card. If you watched UFC 260, you can see why now Ngannou is the great fighter of the heavyweight division.

As we know, Stipe Miocic has been reigning in the heavyweight division for some time now. Someone should end his reign to be a new champion. Amongst the contender, Francis Ngannou nailed it.

Stipe Miocic is indeed the most terrifying heavyweight champ on earth. But he is until Francis Ngannou manages to take the helmet. The new champion pulled off such a brutal KO to the previous champion.

It goes without saying that Francis Ngannou is the new baddest man on earth.

Stipe Miocic won the heavyweight world title belt three years ago. In the first title match in 2018, Ngannou should give up when fighting Miocic. The victory that happened 3 days ago was a great vengeance.

Ngannou has finally gotten what he really wanted back then. He has proved himself to be the most terrifying fighter on earth.

The trading punches were really intense back then. Francis Ngannou managed to end Stipe Miocic Reign after head-banging the fighter against the floor twice. After the victory, Daniel Cormier the UFC legend described Ngannou as the scariest man on the planet.

After UFC 260, there won’t be a thing that can stop Ngannou from reigning.

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