Israel Adesanya will be Absent for a while

Back in the UFC 259, something surprising happened to the respective UFC fighter Israel Adesanya. He was injured and claimed to get out of the octagon for at least six months. It will become one of the longest medical suspension times that he ever experienced in his entire career. But it can be faster or later depending on how quickly heal from those injuries.

It was the first time for Adesanya to lose in his entire career. In the UFC 259, his opponent was Jan Blachowicz. He won over Adesanya after getting the unanimous decision back on Saturday.

Israel Adesanya will be Absent for a while to Recover from Injuries after UFC 259

Since his losing, we didn’t hear any news from the fighter until this day that the NSAC – the Nevada State Athletic Commission has released the announcement about his medical suspensions for the upcoming fight cards in Las Vegas.  

the six-month medical suspension came out to the announcement for good reason. The doctor suggested he get his left foot and ankle recovered. According to the trustworthy source, it would take a long time because the medical practitioners will need to check and re-check his conditions back and forth. So, if he is not ready for the upcoming fights, then he will not be participating in any fight cards in the future.

In the title bout, we can agree that was harsh for both fighters. They traded fists and bumps and not good outcomes were there for their physical conditions. Adesanya suffered considerable damages to his body. More especially, he needs to pay attention to his left foot and ankle.

But when we said that “six months” medical suspension, it is not an absolute decision. There are a lot of possibilities that could happen. If doctors can clear him, he can get back to the action as soon as April 21.

However, all of the concerned parties will need to know that the expectation can be longer than that. The positive result might be out in September. The medical suspension is byfar necessary to make sure that the fighter can take his time to recover and get ready when he is totally ready for the fight.

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In a formal paper, the medical suspension to the fighter is valid until April 6. But of course, it can be much longer than that. A lot of experts have slated Adesanya as the potential fighter who is able to hold the two titles in distinct weight divisions at the same time. But with the result back then, he must postpone his achievement until he recovers from the injuries.

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