Dan Hardy UFC Departure – What’s Really Happening?

Dan Hardy had been arguing with the UFC promotion over some crucial things. For those who don’t know, Dan Hardy is a one-time UFC welterweight challenger. He had been arguing with the company and debating over the disagreement with UFC staffes.

Dan Hardy UFC Departure - What’s Really Happening?

Dan Hardy also stated that the UFC and promoters have been investigating but the result was far away from his hope. According to the fighter, the officials had left him with little closure which didn’t not make him satisfied.

Hardy stated in the front of the mass medium, explaining that he is no longer working for the UFC officials. It was the result of his disputes with one of the UFC employees. The dispute happened at the UFC Fight Island 7 in January. According to Hardy’s version, he told the mass media the truth.

Hardy stated that the dispute happened when he was on a break from shooting the promotional material for the UFC 258.  At that time, he had a verbal disagreement with the UFC employee. But according to him, the disagreement was not aggressive. And it was relevant to the work in the field, nothing else.

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Hardy also stated that he had made amends to the employee.

He had apologized to the specific individual who had the disagreement with him. The conversation could have happened in a much better location under a good vibrant as well, according to him.

The BT Sport has disconnected him. His departure from the UFC had brought other situations, though.

The credentials revoked to cover the UFC 259. as reported by the mass medium, Hardy has been waiting for a clear answer about his future with the UFC promotion.

The experts suggested that the reconciliation between Hardy and the UFC officials is possible. However, he didn’t know what was going to happen in the future. Although the situation is not clear yet. Hardy will be waiting on his future with the UFC promotion.

Hardy also stated that many people have sent both public and private messages for him as the way to support him. Not to mention that there are also tons of interesting offers to consider from many sports organizers and sponsors. Despite the fighter is still under the fight contract with the official promoter, his Wolf Heart Syndrome still prevents him from fighting. The officials won’t clear him because of his current condition.

So, what will happen next? Guess we just need to wait and see. 

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