Losing at UFC 259, Joseph Benavidez Stated His Reflections

For most folks who have been rooting for Joseph Benavidez for a while, it can be disappointing to see their favorite fighter losing at the bout. Joseph’s most recent loss took place at UFC 259.

Reflecting on his loss, that means it will also direct his plan in the future fight. Back in the UFC 259, Askar Askarov won the match through unanimous decision. That means Joseph has lost three times straight.  He has reflected on his loss and it will affect his decision for the future plan in the UFC.

Losing at UFC 259, Joseph Benavidez Stated His Reflections

Benavidez wouldn’t want to hide his feelings about the days before and after the events. In his most recent fights, he has reflected that the disappointment was closely inevitable.

He also added that he could easily win and perform like that if he was ready. But he didn’t find his readiness back then. He couldn’t find the adrenaline, the explosiveness, as well as the same motivation just back then when he was at the top.

If you are guessing right, every sportsman will be like this at some point. Ones would be reaching a specific point when they think that they are not the same person anymore. Well, it is not surprising. Every fighter should go through various phases wherein not all the phases can be great for them. The same thing goes to this fighter. He has been fighting for 15 years. Almost 2 decades of his career, it would be lie if he is the same person as always.

He stated that he would know if he was having a bad day or good day. Just like everything else in the sport, there will be a day in and a day out. Sometimes, you are having a great day. But other times, you might have a bad day and it is inevitable.

According to the fighter, his opponent deserved to win. Joseph Benavidez even praised Askarov for his performance. However, since he is on the losing side, he could not hide his disappointment. As the rooters of the fighter, the fans might also get disappointed with the result. Benavidez had actually managed to be a top contender in the flyweight division. A win against Askarov could sbe putting himself on the right track once again. However, it did not happen and he has to consider his future plan. It won’t be easy but I guess we just need to wait for the official announcement later.

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