Justin Gaethje Stated that He was after for Khabib’s Submission

Recently, folks have been stunned with the saying from Justin Gaethje. He stated that anybody could go to sleep. In the upcoming UFC 254, he planned to beat Khabib into submission.

The interim of the UFC lightweight champion made this confident statement in the front of reporters. He implied that he would stop Khabib at UFC 254. While it is indeed a bold statement, it is not surprising for the huge number of the UFC fans.

The date is getting closer and closer. On October 24th, we are going to see the moment of truth of UFC 254 that involves the two best fighters in their class: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Justin Gaethje. The undefeated champion will take on the interim champ in such the most anticipated UFC event this year.

Gaethje recently spoke to the media about his plan on stopping Nurmagomedov. It of course changed how the experts and sport lovers expected to see the big fight in UFC 254. Gaethje also added that he had gathered his confidence and he was sure to be able to make the reigning champion lose in the upcoming big event.

As quoted from the mess medium, his confidence is arguably the biggest factor when paired with the skills set and power he has. Let’s not forget the fact that Gaethje is accompanied by the incredible coach who is ready to help him out.

Gaethje also doesn’t care if he wins or loses. He would try his best to make his family proud and happy with his performance. And the end result does not really matter for him. But when we see his statement like this. It is indeed a huge factor which makes him brave and fearless. It is what makes Gaethje a dangerous opponent for Khabib. And when Gaethje is determined, it is not going to be an easy win for Khabib.

The 28-0 Dagestani indeed has such impeccable records. But this number does not seem to make Gaetjhe intimidated. On the contrary, Gaethje feels boosted. He said “anybody can go to sleep”. It is a bold statement because it implies that Khabib is just like the other fighters who are able to sleep.

For those who have been following Gaethje for a while, you’d agree that this fighter will focus on wrestling until making Khabib submission. He had wrestled his whole life. And he had wrestled tons of opponents in his entire career. It is not surprising that he would just do the same to win over Khabib.

It is safe to assume that we are going to witness the huge part of wrestling in the UFC 254 octagon. And you will never get any other chance like this if not to watch Khabib vs Gaethje in the upcoming UFC 254.

So, Gaethje will look for the opportunity when Khabib touches the mat. He wants to punish him with the wrestling part. Curious for the end result? Don’t miss the opportunity to watch UFC 254. reserve your watching option now!

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