Prediction of UFC 254 Main Fight from Khabib

The undefeated UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov came up with the prediction on his own. The upcoming UFC 254 is getting near. In the fight card, Khabib will take on the interim champion Justin Gaethje.

This fight card is the most expected match to see this year because it involves the best two fighters in the lightweight division. Experts and fans agree that Gaethje will be the toughest opponent to defeat. Nurmagomedov will need to have a good strategy to make Gaethje down.

But it is indeed true that Khabib only sees the winning sides in him. He would use tons of opportunities to make the victory of the fight. Khabib will do as usual. He would strive for the take downs until attaining his opponent position where he wanted.

In the mass medium, Khabib emphasized that he was going to try wrestling with Gaethje. Obviously, Gaethje will defend the takedowns for a long time. Then, Khabib will try the next attempts, and so on.

But as expected by the UFC fans, it is not only about wrestling. Of course, Khabib will box and kick with Gaethje. The showdown will be the mixture of the wrestling, kick, and box.

Let’s not overlook the fact that Khabib is one of the most prominent grapplers in UFC MMA. The grappling will be one of his aces. But taking down the beast like Gaethje won’t be easy for Khabib. But the word “hard” is far from impossible. With years of experience and ample set of skills, Khabib can use this opportunity to achieve such great results. For Khabib, Gaethje is not someone to look down. He has great defense both up and down. And when Khabib grapples him, and wrestles him, the defense will be tiresome. Both Gaethje and Khabib know how to wrestle and exhaust their opponent’s energy.

Gaethje, on the other hand, has wrestled almost in his entire career. But again, the years of experience are different. So, when they both wrestle on the ground, it will be a tough battle. The one who depletes his energy first will be prone to losing. Gaethje is a good wrestler. It is obvious. But when it comes to the years of experience, one can vouch for Nurmagomedov more.

Gaethje knows how to defend when wrestling. So, it is safe to say that when Khabib takes him to the ground, he would not easily give up. Khabib would attack in the first two rounds.

Khabib predicted that he could gain the victory in the third round. It is because Gaethje’s state is not so good when wrestling with Khabib.

Khabib also emphasized his fight IQ. Khabib stated that he had much better IQ than his opponent. Gaethje is a strong fighter who likes to fight his opponent to the earth. He is savage. But Khabib once again said that his fighting IQ was better than Gaethje.

If things go as Khabib’s plan, then we can see such significant results in the third round of the UFC 254 main fight. I guess we just need to wait to see it by ourselves.

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