The Possibility of Khabib vs Tony Ferguson Won’t Likely to Take Place

There is a good reason why the UFC lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedvoc has been done with the expectation to face Tony Ferguson in any way.

If you have been following the news of the two, you know that this pair has been up and down with tons of possibilities. There are too many attempts that have failed.

UFC 254 is the peak of the impossible since Khabib will defend his 155-pound championship against Justin Gaethje at UFC 254. The bout will take place on October 24, in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. Before the confirmation of the UFC 254, Khabib organizers have scheduled the fighter to fight against Ferguson in April 2020. In total, UFC has made five attempts in the past five years. And all of these attempts came with zilch results.

The latest attempt was a failure because of the COVID-19 pandemic. And no one can even control that.

As the true fans of the UFC, we could agree that it has been the most difficult plan to execute in the UFC history. In an exclusive interview, Khabib himself stated that the possibility of the fight against Tony Ferguson is over.

For those who are expecting that this bout is happening, you need to stop waiting and embrace the interesting things coming out from the top fighters in the future. Ferguson lost to Gaethje back then, which adds another reason that the fight between Khabib vs Ferguson won’t likely to happen.

Khabib stated that someone was going to beat the strongest person. He added that one day someone must go down and the day would come. That message implied to Tony Ferguson. He added that Tony Ferguson was finished. Just like other fighters. Tony will come back, but eventually he will lose again. Khabib also said that when he took the damage, he would never go the same again.

Ferguson lost through TKO to Gaethje in the fifth round. While Khabib does not see the possibility in preceding the fight with Ferguson, the other sides have different thoughts. Through the formal interviews, UFC president Dana While said that he would book the matchup a sixth time if the factors were rooting. Of course, we would hear great news if the possibility is not over yet.

As long as it is sensible, the bout will likely to happen. But it won’t be likely if Khabib wins in UFC 254. Still, the window of opportunity has never closed.

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