Special Plan for Khabib after the UFC 254

There’s been speculation about what will happen next after the UFC 254 which involves Khabib and Gaethje bout. Moreover, the fans have been discussing what Khabib will do next after the Gaethje fight.

The undefeated UFC lightweight champion’s special plan remained secret until lately that we had received the great confirmation about the future of Khabib’s career from the president of the UFC, Dana White.

Back on Thursday, UFC President Dana White stated that he had a very special thing for the big fans of the UFC. If Khabib wins over Justin Gaethje, Dana White will have something special prepared for Khabib to expect after the UFC 254.

Khabib also nodded to this news. He said that Dana told him about the next plan after Khabib participated in the UFC 254. It is true that the UFC world has seen this as a good sign. But what is it, still remains secret.

Here is what we need to at least know first.

Dana told Khabib that he had something special for him after the fighting with Gaethje. But the plan will likely to proceed if Khabib wins over Gaethje. Dana also instructed Khabib to keep that secret and they were going to talk after the UFC 254 finished.

The insiders that we approached also sounded the same thing. Then we also asked about how big it is. And they answered “It is something HUGE”. If it is something HUGE, then it will surely surprise us as the UFC fans across the globe.

The officials have emphasized about the future of the show with Khabib. We think that everybody agrees that if he beats Gaethje, there will be no contenders left to fight against him until he waits for the next year.

Khabib himself had no idea about his future in the UFC. After reigning and if he wins against Justin Gaethje, no one would know what is going to happen next except for Dana White and Khabib himself. But the clear message will only be official if Khabib finishes the upcoming UFC with the victory.

He stated that he loved the competition. He loved to compete with the best fighters in the world.

Some experts might speculate what Dana White plans actually.

Some of Khabib’s fans might be thinking the same thing. Back then, Khabib had said multiple times that he would be wishing to fight against former two-division UFC champion Georges St-Pierre. Meanwhile, the other possibility could be the rematch with McGregor, the ex-featherweight and lightweight champion. If either of these could happen, it is going to be an amazing spectacle to watch for the UFC fans. We’re sure you are also interested to see where the direction is going.

On paper, Khabib is now the no.2 pound-for-pound fighter after Jon Jones. But his impeccable record 28-0 is on the full throttle now. So, it is feasible for Dana White to prepare something big for the undefeated fighter if he remains undefeated after the UFC 254. Guess we just need to wait until the officials make the news “official”.

UFC 254: Justin Gaethje Expected to See Khabib’s Bleeding

The closer we are to the date of the UFC 254, the crazier the things are going to be. Recently, Justin Gaethje made such a challenging statement, implying that he was going to see (Khabib) blood.

The news confirmed that Justin Gaethje, through his twitter tweet, wanted to see how Khabib would react when the things got bloody.

The UFC preceded the Fight Island live events on October 24 with the UFC 254: Khabib vs Gaethje as the lead PPV fight card. Those who want to follow the spectacular moments could get the PPV from the ESPN Plus.

So, how the Gaethje’s opinion is relevant to the Khabib’s performances?

If you have been long enough following all of the actions, you know that Khabib has seen his own blood from one UFC event to another.

But contrary to what we might want to believe, he has been the most renowned fighter in the Lightweight division. So, when we compared the “blood” with the other fighters in the same division, it seems that Gaethje’s statement is less accurate.

The thing is that Khabib often left the Octagon with minimum damages.

There have been speculations amongst the fans of Gaethje and Khabib about this “blood”.

In the upcoming UFC 254, it is hard to predict whether Gaethje can turn the table and prove his words on Twitter. It is because Khabib would have known what it is like to see his blood coming out from his body.

Gaethje added “I know I am going to see his blood. I want him to see his blood and I want to see his reaction. I don’t think he’s as crazy as me, that’s the thing”

ESPN has confirmed this interview and it has led fans to see what’s coming next. We know what people call Gaethje. His craziness is on another level. And when we talk about the craziness, we don’t think that Khabib is as crazy as Gaethje.

The next question will be: can Justin Gaethje beat Khabib? Both fighters know how dangerous their opponents are.

Khabib grappling will be a huge problem for all of his opponents. Not to mention that if his foes are wide open for a clean attack, it will be hard for his opponent. Meanwhile, Gaethje’s craziness is terrifying. A bloody sight is what he hopes to see from his opponent. All in all, this bout is going to be terrifying.